Helpmehodge provides mental and emotional health education to promote wellness and reduce stigma. Dr. Alicia Hodge aspires to ignite behavior change and empower others to thrive through public speaking, workshops, and therapy services.


Change your life one thought at a time...

Alicia Hodge, PsyD




Dr. Hodge has been an invited guest to a multitude of conferences, panel discussions, and podcast interviews. Her presentations and discussions of challenging topics with humor and practical examples invite audiences to engage. Dr. Hodge encourages participants to examine their perspectives and utilize self-compassion. Her mantra of compassion over criticism introduces an internal foundation for emotional wellness and success. Dr. Hodge is available to collaborate and provide her expertise in the format of curated workshops and presentations on topics related to anxiety, mindset, and self-care. Special topics can also be developed for audiences by request.


Are you constantly on the go but never feeling accomplished? Have you noticed that your quiet time is filled with a million and one thoughts? Many people find themselves overwhelmed by fears, procrastinating on goals, or doubting their ability. You may simply be looking to improve your self-esteem or relationships. Dr. Hodge is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 10 years of experience providing therapy to adolescents and adults. For more information on how to book an appointment in person or online please click the button below.