Signature Talks

Dr. Hodge has three available prepared topics that can be modified to fit audiences. Each presentation can be given in talk format or facilitated as an interactive workshop. Custom topics are also curated for organizations and events with advance discussion. If you are looking for a seamless fit, book today! 


Slay Your Anxiety

This presentation focuses on the purpose of anxiety and it's potential negative impact on our success. The speaker will outline the cycle of worry and how to break free from spiraling thoughts.  Specific strategies and tools to overcome anxiety and overthinking will also be highlighted. Participants will engage in reviewing their own approach to anxious situations and how to conquer each challenge with a new perspective.


Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

This presentation addresses how our own thoughts and mindset can create barriers in our lives. This topic is applicable to all audiences and will explore the impact of our thoughts on emotions and actions. Participants will learn practical ways to evaluate and modify their thoughts for more ideal outcomes.


The Self-Care Investment

This presentation focuses on common misconceptions about self-care and the benefits of investing in oneself. As a workshop, participants will complete a self-assessment of their practice and explore practical applications. Participants will be able to list the signs of Burnout, The Five Realms of Self-Care, and outline an individualized plan to practice.