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Meet Dr. Hodge

Dr. Alicia Little Hodge is a Connecticut native in Washington, D.C.. Dr. Hodge has over ten years of clinical experience across various treatment settings with adolescents and adults. Her work is centered around Cognitive Behavioral Theory, which asserts that what we think directly impacts our feelings and behaviors. This concept is pervasive in Dr. Hodge’s talks and workshops about facing, challenging, and overcoming the thoughts that hold us back. Dr. Hodge has helped hundreds to improve their lives, by tackling rigid thinking or navigate daily worries. She also promotes investing in genuine self-care, beyond the hashtags!

Dr. Hodge’s extensive training and certifications establish her as an expert on anxiety, perfectionism, and self-care. These areas converge to produce a rich dialogue amongst workshop participants and audience members. Dr. Hodge also facilitates a strong experiential element that fosters connection and a call to take steps toward change.


  • Doctor Of Clinical Psychology
    University of Hartford

  • Master of Clinical Practice
    University of Hartford

  • Master of Counseling
    Bowie State University

  • Bachelor of Arts Psychology
    Rutgers University


  • Licensed Psychologist (Maryland #06028)

  • Virginia Psychology Associate

  • CBT for Psychosis

  • Adoption Competent Therapist


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